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I am Nike Fuchs.
Marine biologist. Mediator. Consigliere.

problems? solutions!

If you are starting to read here, you have already noticed:

Today’s issues are becoming increasingly complex, and problems can no longer be solved by following a set pattern. Experts who look at your situation from the outside with an analytical eye and empathy are becoming increasingly valuable.

Switching between a bird’s eye view and a detailed view helps you gain a completely new perspective on supposedly deadlocked issues.

These can be seemingly unsolvable stalemates in business communication, a “jinxed” family constellation, or a perceived hopeless impasse in any other area of life.

Do you have the feeling that every attempted solution only seems to bring new problems? It seems as if you are taking three steps back with every step forward.

Before you start settling into this predicament, my outside perspective can help.

Dialogue and paving the way

“People who talk to themselves usually refrain from contradiction.” (Waltraud Puzicha) – and so it is with trying to work out problems with yourself.

The power of a well-conducted dialogue should not be underestimated. NASA research director Thomas Zurbuchen and Steve Jobs already knew this: they employed consiglieres; confidants, that is, who stood by them to sort out thoughts through dialogue and constructive contradiction.

A well-conducted dialogue is not only the cartography of a fact or a situation. It also allows one to enter and describe new spaces.

Don’t you appreciate a pleasant conversation partner during a long car ride? I would be happy to accompany you!

Together with you, your team or your family, I will embark on this didactic journey.

What can you expect from me?

My work with you is determined and accompanied by my core values: Dignity, Respect, Openness and Transparency.

In the operational-scientific context, the principles of the New Work flow into my professional consulting – mainly it is about a contemporary view on the appreciation of the working human being in dialogue with economic as well as ecological standards.

My approach to consulting is based on the contents and values of systemic consulting. I use elements of non-violent communication (nvc, Marshall Rosenberg), work with the principles of Socratic dialogue (Maieutics) and – depending on the personality of my client – use paradoxical intervention (e.g. Paul Watzlawick, L.F. Seltzer).

I support you in sharpening your view of the often simple basic principles hidden behind complex narratives. Together we achieve a new view of old patterns.