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Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer and the need for it took off after the Fukushima disaster but was catapulted to the forefront of relevance by the CoVid 19 pandemic at the latest. The transfer of knowledge from the place of its creation in academic institutions to the places where it is needed (authorities, politics, media, public) is anything but trivial.

My experiences from various dialogue formats and several years in knowledge transfer in German marine research have shaped my convictions: Functioning, long-term knowledge transfer requires reflexivity and genuine dialogue. This means that self-evident facts have to be questioned, that a close-meshed exchange takes place, and that joint reflection on topics takes place in regular iteration.

I accompany and shape this form of dialogue together with you.

Strategic Coaching

As outlined on the home page, I accompany seemingly unsolvable stalemate situations or change processes in corporate and personal communication. I maintain that in most situations it is possible to achieve a significant improvement and reduce the pressure. Are you in a process, professionally or privately, in which there is no way forward or back? You would like to initiate change, but it just doesn’t seem to work?

Do you need a sparring partner to bring to light and illuminate thoughts that are still partly unconscious?

I listen, question, reflect and summarise and if desired, give concrete recommendations. Do you need someone who becomes active for you and communicates clearly and appreciatively? My communicative toolbox, sensitivity and assertiveness are at your disposal.

Let us talk. I would be happy to arrange a 20-minute video call with you to get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you!

Marine Biology

Although people joked at the beginning of my studies that the most you could do as a marine biologist was drive a taxi, there are an astonishing number of job opportunities for systemically thinking marine biologists: the sustainable blue economy needs biological expertise, because ecosystems are not predictable machines.

Increasingly, the interactions between humans and the ocean are coming into conscious focus. Algae farms, multi-use sites with offshore wind farms, carbon storage in marine ecosystems and sustainable fisheries ecology are becoming more relevant and attractive.

As a marine biologist with a decade of experience in stakeholder engagement and negotiation processes, I accompany your projects.