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About me

Hi, I'm Nike,

scientist and founder of Metamorphosis dialogue. As an interspace admiral, I advise on bridging diverse interfaces, such as that between science and politics, science and society, between humans and nature, and also between humans in general. I help scientific institutes, politicians as well as people in leadership positions to mediate and connect.

The kind of transfer consultancy but also communication consultancy I offer gains mainly from my experience as a marine biologist and research associate in knowledge transfer and the social sciences in combination with my experience in working with people and groups. I combine a highly analytical brain with high empathy and round it off with a well-stocked methodological toolbox. The special composition also sets me apart from both other scientists or facilitators and coaches.

The feeling of contributing to the solution of difficulties by pointing out a blind spot is my fuel. When it comes to problems, complex or simple, we are all often operationally blind.